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Parent FAQs

Are you or your children considering California Baptist University? You probably have a lot of questions. We have compiled this list of common questions parents ask us that will help you as you work with your student to make the best possible college selection decision.

Of course, if you have any questions not included in this list or would like to speak with any admissions counselor, call CBU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (877) CBU-3615 (877-228-3615).

Q1:  How much does CBU cost?

A1:  The cost for the 2010-2011 school year is as follows:

On-Campus: $31, 914 (includes, tuition, room, board, and student fees)

Off-Campus: $24, 984 (includes tuition and fees)

Q2:  What types of academic scholarships to you offer?

A2:  There are two types of academic scholarships we offer.  The criteria are as follows:

President’s Scholarship $5000: minimum 3.75GPA/1100 SAT (critical reading & math scores only) or 24 ACT

Dean’s Scholarship $3500: 3.3-3.74GPA/1020 SAT (critical reading & math scores only) or 21 ACT

High School students must meet both the GPA and test score requirement.  Transfer students who have completed at least 24 units need only to meet the GPA requirement.  Academic scholarships are automatically awarded when the student is accepted, there is no application required.

To view our complete Financial Aid Flyer CLICK HERE.

Q3:  Do you offer Athletic scholarships?

A3:  Yes. If you are interested in pursuing an athletic scholarship, please visit the athletics website at  You will need to select the “Teams” link.  Once you have done that, you will click on the specific sport you interested in.  When you have selected the sport of choice, please click on the recruiting link.  You will then need to fill out and submit the recruiting form.

Q4:  When is the application deadline?

A4:  The undergraduate admissions office upholds a rolling admission policy, which means that we do not have a set deadline for application; however you will not receive your financial aid or be enrolled until you have been accepted to CBU.

Q5:  Can students bring a vehicle their first year?

A5:  Yes.  Students may bring a vehicle at any point when they are living on campus.  If students choose not to have a vehicle while living on campus, Riverside does have a public transportation system.  It is called the Riverside Transit Agency.  Their website is

Q6:  What High School courses are required for admission to CBU?

A6:  There are no specific courses required for admission to CBU, but we recommend the A-G requirements.

Q7:  Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

A7:  CBU does accept Advanced Placement.  The minimum score needed to obtain college credits is at least a 3.  To view a list of AP tests we accept, please CLICK HERE.

Q8:  What type of computer should my child have or purchase?

A8:  Minimum Specifications for either a Mac or PC:

  • 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Processing Speed)
  • 2 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 160 GB Hard Drive (Storage Space)
  • CD/DVD RW Drive
  • Microsoft Office Software

Q9:  How can I schedule a campus visit?

A9: If you would like to schedule a campus visit please, CLICK HERE.  In the meantime, be sure to take our online guided campus tour.

Q10:  Is housing guaranteed?

A10:  Yes, all traditional single students are guaranteed housing.  Once they are accepted, they must submit a housing application along with a housing deposit.

Q11:  Does my child have to live on campus?

A11:  CBU generally requires traditional, single students who meet one (1) of the following criteria to live on campus:

  1. Under twenty-one (21) years of age.
  2. Receive institutional aid in excess of $7,000 per academic year.

Exceptions are made for those living with parents, a legal guardian(s), or approved relatives, upon verification of residency. Students who wish to reside off-campus must submit a Housing Exemption Request form to the Residence Life Office prior to the first day of class, as indicated in the calendar section of this publication.  Housing Exemption Request forms are available in the Residence Life Office.

Q12:  How many units does my child need to transfer to CBU?

A12:  We do not require a specific amount of units be taken in order for a student to transfer to CBU.  If you have completed at least 24 units, we will not require that you provide high school transcripts or an SAT or ACT score.  If you have completed less than 24 units we require you to provide your official High School transcripts and an SAT or ACT score, along with your college transcripts.

Q13:  How do I know if the units my child has taken at another college will transfer?

A13:  CBU has an articulation agreement with several community colleges in the Riverside/Inland Empire area.  An articulation agreement is a list of transferrable courses from each specific community college to CBU.  For a list of articulation agreements, please CLICK HERE.

If your child is attending a community college with which we do not have an articulation agreement, we encourage you to view the list of our General Education Requirements.  Our general education requirements may be used as a guide when selecting courses at your community college.  You may also compare course descriptions from your community college’s catalog and CBU’s catalog.
To view our catalog, please CLICK HERE.

Q14:  How does my child register for classes at CBU?

A14:  Only students who have been accepted to CBU may register for classes.  Accepted students are mailed information about registration sometime in May for the fall semester and in November for the spring semester.

Q15:  Where can I view your academic calendar?

A15:  You may view our academic calendar under the academics tab on our home page.

Q16:  What is there to do in Riverside?

A16:  To view a list of Riverside hot spots, please visit the following link:

Q17:  Are there on-campus jobs available?

A17:  Yes, there are many on-campus jobs available.  Students will have access to our online job board once they are enrolled.  They may apply for on-campus jobs the week classes begin.  They may also visit our on-campus Career Center for further information.

Q18:  What are the religious requirements at CBU?

A18:  We require that all students attend chapel.  Chapel is held on campus every Wednesday and about every other Friday.  We offer 19-21 chapel sessions each semester and students are required to attend at least 15. Each student is also required to take nine (9) units of Christian Studies as part of their education.

Q19:  Are there study abroad opportunities?

A19:  CBU offers a number of opportunities to travel and study a semester abroad. The university is partnered with four different programs, providing more than 37 international locations to choose from.  The organizations are Cultural Experiences abroad (CEA), International Studies Abroad (ISA), Hong Kong Baptist University, and programs offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, of which CBU is a member.

Q20:  How safe is CBU?

A20: Safety is a HUGE priority at CBU and we have professional Public Safety staff 24/7 365 days a year monitering the campus both on foot and by camera. CBU’s Public Safety Department publishes an annual safety report you can view online.

Q21:  Who is my child’s admissions counselor?

A21:  To meet your counselor, please CLICK HERE.

Q22:  How can I celebrate my child’s birthday during the school year?

A22:  You can send them a personalized cake through CBU’s Birthday Club.