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Vessel is wonderful opportunity for designers to serve God, build design relationships and connections, and get real work experience. Anyone who is a CBU graphic design major or minor and who loves Jesus as their personal Savior and wants to serve through design is accepted! We would love to have you join us!


Vessel is made up of California Baptist University Graphic Design students who want to serve God. Teams of six to ten members meet each week to build relationships, learn, and complete collaborated work on design projects for specific churches. Our teams will be visiting their church for one-two day trips. These trips will be used to get photography, video, and to build relationships with the people we are serving.


Every follower of Christ is called to use their gifts to serve the Lord. God has gifted each of us distinctively and as designers, we are inspired to design for the master Designer. Vessel provides a chance for those given the gift of creativity to be used for their intended purpose: serving God by serving people. Design is a way to point others to Christ, thus we are blessed to have the privilege to create design pieces for churches or non-profit groups in order to expand their opportunities to witness. As designers we play a very unique and indirect part of witnessing and ministry. We are just one of many tools used as a platform to help others effectively share the Good News. Today’s culture is particularly aware of visuals, it is not only people who bring others to church, but a sign, a website, a designed piece of information. Design is an often over looked, but nonetheless important and powerful way for the Bride of Christ, the Church, to reach out. Designers are vessels. Vessels God can use to bring a lost soul to people can reach out to them.


For the Spring 2013 semester we will meet as a team each week for about 3 hours from 5-8pm. (Meeting days are yet to be determined). These mandatory meetings include dinner to get to know your teammates and time to work for the church/non-profit by doing what you love. During this time we work on logos, stationary, brochures, a photography library, and possibly websites and videos.


We will be serving Churches or Nonprofits within a 2 hour radius of CBU. We will have a trip out to each location in order to photograph the grounds and organization. These photos will be used in brochures, building a stock photo library and more.


Interested in joining Vessel? Simply fill out and application and we will take it from there! As long as you 1. are a graphic design major or minor and 2. love Jesus as your personal Savior and want to serve through design, then you are accepted! The rest of the application questions are just for us to get to know you and help place you on the right team! So no need to be intimidated. There will be a $15 membership fee due in January. This fee will be used to purchase a shirt for you!

Applications are due 10/27/12 @ midnight.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

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