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Film Studies Minor

Film Studies Minor (21 units)

Lower Division Requirements

FLM     105       Introduction to Film Studies

FLM     150       Film History

FLM     250       Film Theory & Criticism

Upper Division Elective Requirements

Complete twelve (12) additional units from the following:

FLM     300       National Cinema

FLM     301       Basic Screenwriting

FLM     302       Writing Short Screenplays

FLM     303       Asian Cinema

FLM     305       Christianity and Film*

FLM     340       Major Directors

FLM     350       Film and Literature*

FLM     400       Special Topics in Film Studies

FLM     403       Writing Adapted Screenplays

FLM     420       Independent Film and Counter-Cinema

FLM     430       Film and Sound

FLM     450       World Cinema*

FLM     470       Adaptation and Intertextuality

FLM     491       Film Practicum (1-15 units)

FLP       306       Basic Production: Line Producing

FLP       360       Cinematography

FLP       406       Film Directing

*Courses Recommended for completion of the minor