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Living at a college is not fully experienced until you survive your first year as a freshman in the dorms. That is why ALL freshmen are assigned to dorm-style housing. There’s nothing like the incredible opportunity to make a large number of friends because you live with other people.

Dorm-style living gives you the opportunity to explore new avenues of friendship and collect the building blocks of community that will form the foundation of your CBU experience.

Simmons Hall (women) and Smith Hall (men) are traditional residence halls, which accommodate two residents per room. Halls are divided into wings of 10 or 14 rooms each. Each hall is assigned a resident assistant. Simmons Hall houses 12 wings with 164 rooms. Smith Hall houses 6 wings with 80 rooms.

The Cottages, another freshman housing option, is the only living area that offers houses to students. Each cottage houses 9-10 freshmen and features a front porch, a kitchen/common area, five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a laundry room. The living area offers 21 cottages where community is strongly felt.

Apartment living is a unique housing option for upperclassmen. Moving into an on-campus apartment bridges the gap between dorm life and real-world experience. You’ll love the challenge of decorating on a thrift store budget. This is a popular option because of the advantage of having additional space, a kitchen and a living room.

The Village is an upperclassmen living area with approximately 120 units available for students. Studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments are available, and each apartment holds 1-4 students. The living area is close to Brisco’s Café and several of the art classrooms.

Royal Rose is an upperclassmen living area for undergraduate students. The three-story building is across the walkway from Brisco’s, and each floor has its own lobby. About 94 units are available to students, and each room offers one bedroom, one bathroom and a full kitchen.

Lancer Arms is a non-traditional student living area and is available only for married students, graduate students, OPS students and CBU faculty. The living area contains about 80 units and offers 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom layouts. It offers a barbeque/picnic area, and many of CBU’s offices are located here, like Public Safety and the Office of Mobilization. Note: the application process for this living area differs from the others.

University Place is an upperclassman living area behind the James Building that features studio (men only), 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and townhouse layouts. Each apartment holds either two, four or five students, depending on layout. UP300 offers 48 units, UP200 40 units and UP100 57 units. The living area offers small backyards, the Global Village, laundry facilities and barbeque/picnic areas.

The Colony is an upperclassman living area able to hold up to 1,000 students. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom layouts are available, and each apartment holds 3-4 students. The living area is adjacent to the Van Dyne Gym and offers recreational facilities and a pool/spa.