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Lower Division Requirements

ART 201 Principles of Design and Color|
ART 204 Basic Drawing

Lower Division Art History Requirements

ART 241 History of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ART 242 History of Art: Renaissance to Present

Lower Division Studio Elective Requirement

Complete three (3) units from the following:

ART 205 Beginning Printmaking
ART 207 Beginning Watercolor Painting
ART 225 Fundamentals of Sculpture
ART 232 Beginning Ceramics
ART 253 Intermediate Ceramics
ART 283 Painting I

Upper Division Art History Requirements

ART 350 Gallery Methods
ART 430 Art and the Bible

Upper Division Art History/Theory Elective Requirements

Complete six (6) units from the following:

ART 345 Nineteenth Century Art History
ART 346 History of Modern Painting
ART 385 Film as Visual Art
ART 412 Topics in Art History
ART 415 Aesthetics and the Classroom

Upper Division Studio Art Requirements

ART 300 Advanced Art
ART 301 Color, Theory and Application
ART 499 Senior Exhibit

Upper Division Studio Art Elective Requirements

Complete nine (9) units from the following:

ART 304 Drawing: Perspective
ART 305 Drawing: Figure Drawing
ART 315 Advanced Ceramics I
ART 316 Advanced Ceramics II
ART 383 Painting II
ART 400 Special Problems in Art
ART 432 Advanced Sculpture I
ART 433 Advanced Sculpture II
ART 450 Internship in Visual Arts