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Dean’s Message

I am excited to introduce the new College of Architecture, Visual Art & Design (CAVAD), which joins the first-ever architecture program at CBU together with the existing programs in graphic design, fine art and film. By embracing the entire spectrum of design-oriented disciplines, all CAVAD students will experience our interdisciplinary approach to learning that offers unique and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and most importantly, a deep and well-rounded education. And building on this broad foundation, CAVAD will soon include web design, mobile design, photography, expanded film production and other new media to ensure our students continue to receive the most innovative and comprehensive education.

CAVAD students also benefit from a practice-based approach that connects them directly with professional organizations throughout Southern California, exposing them to real business situations, and often allowing them to take part in the professional process through mentoring and internships. We believe this is an essential foundation for preparing students to enter the workforce with a strong grasp of work ethics, client expectations, and professional standards. In addition, our extraordinary location provides abundant opportunities for our students to not only explore a great number of design and architectural masterpieces, but also to get hands-on experience addressing a wide variety of environmental and social challenges.

What makes CAVAD truly unique is that we teach these programs from a Christian worldview, encouraging students to use their creative talents to engage and inspire the world around them. We focus on helping students envision the powerful ways that God might use them in their chosen professions, whether as an architect, graphic designer, web designer, filmmaker, or any kind of artist. And as part of our Christian worldview, we are committed to helping students understand how to be good stewards of both their talents and the resources it takes to make their creative visions become reality.

Our faculty includes scholars who are also passionate practitioners who have remained actively connected to their profession. Each of our instructors is equally passionate about connecting students to their future professions, and will walk with you through every step of the process. But most importantly, they are excited about seeing a new generation of Christian architects, artists and designers who are bold in their pursuit of artistic excellence and leadership.

At CAVAD, we have carefully developed aggressive curricula that teach the latest technologies in order to fully prepare our students for today’s culture and economy. At the same time, our small classes and caring faculty provide a safe, supportive community that nurtures creative freedom and risk-taking. We welcome you to this community, and we challenge you to live your purpose beyond your wildest imagination. Together, we will see God do amazing things through the works we create.

Mark Roberson
Dean, College of Architecture, Visual Arts + Design